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We would like to thank everyone for another successful Team Podz Golf Outing. We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2020!

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What Team PODZ Has Been Up To - 2018

2017 Team PODZ Outing Fundraising

With the amazing amount of generosity from last year's event, Team PODZ was able to raise a total of over $95,000 from the 2017 Team PODZ Golf Outing!

Young Hearts for Life

Team PODZ once again partnered with Young Hearts for Life in 2017-2018. Young Hearts for Life (www.yh4l.org) is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide ECG screenings for students. The organization was founded by Dr. Joseph Marek, and to-date has screened over 100,000 students. These screenings can be used to diagnose undetected heart defects at an early age, allow them to be treated properly.

Team PODZ was pleased to donate $50,000 to Young Hearts for Life this year, to help Dr. Marek bring ECG screenings into schools around the nation. Part of this donation was used to sponsor heart screening events at St. Laurence High School and East Aurora High School. Both event combined to find 15 new at risk students. As Chuck likes to say, the screening was unfortunately a success, but the results continue to show that we are able to make a difference!

Benet Academy - Fr. Ronald Fund

Team PODZ also made another donation to the Fr. Ronald Scholarship Fund at Benet Academy, where Dan was a 2005 graduate. Team PODZ was able to donate $45,000 to the Fr. Ronald Fund in Dan's memory. The Fr. Ronald Fund is a scholarship fund maintained by Benet Academy, and is used to offset tuition for students and families with financial need. Team PODZ is very proud to be able to give back to Benet in Dan's memory in such a big way, and we could not have done it without everyone's support!

Chuck and Sue Podczerwinski were also asked to present in front of the Benet Academy student body. They had on opportunity to tell Dan's story and emphasize the importance of being screened at Benet's screening on April 27th.

In case you need any reminder of the impact your donations have, here are two examples of what Team PODZ donations have been able to achieve.

EKG Screenings

Team PODZ has sponsored 5 High School Heart Screenings through Young Hearts 4 Life

Year School Number Screened Findings
2018 East Aurora High School 7 at risk students
2017 St. Laurence High School 8 at risk students
2017 Joliet Catholic High School 587 Students (87% of Student Body) 6 at risk students
2016 St. Laurence High School 223 Students 2 at risk students
2015 East Aurora High School 864 Students 7 at risk students

Benet Academy - Fr. Ronald Fund

Funding from Team PODZ to the Fr. Ronald Fund have helped back numerous scholarships for students at Benet Academy based on financial need. For those who attended the 2016 outing, you may remember a letter we shared written by a recipient of a scholarship funded by Team PODZ who also had lost a close friend due to an undiagnosed heart condition. A copy of the letter can be viewed below. (Click the image to download a PDF version of the letter).